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Swords Of Stone


Welcome To Our Swords Of Stone Website

In days of old, swords and daggers were the means to defend and protect one's rights and holdings, and all whom they loved. Sometimes when a sword was created, it was empowered by its maker, giving it a persona that both defined and complemented its master. It was an "extension" of the person who wielded it. Some were named and were even believed to have been enchanted, such as "Excalibur" the famous sword of Avalon, drawn from the stone and used by King Arthur. It was this wonderful story that inspired us to create this unique line of Swords Of Stone jewelry.

From ancient through Medieval times, and into our living history of today, the sword has been found in many races and cultures and stands strong as a symbol of justice, honor and chivalrous times. Just as Archangel Michael, St. George and Lord Arthur used their swords to put an end to evil, bringing peace and justice into their realms, so do they each challenge us now to "take up the sword" and cut through all the "darkness" in our lives. In doing this we can open the doors to the abundance, peace and happiness that is already ours by Divine Right. With this ideal in mind, it is our hope that each of these Swords Of Stone creations find their way into the hands of those who would wield them with wisdom and compassion in the "quest" to bring total peace, love and enlightenment to Mother Earth and all her children.

Being great lovers of Swords and Magic we are delighted to announce the return of our "Swords Of Stone" line of jewelry. Back by popular demand, these exquisite sword and dagger pendants are inspired, designed and created right here at The Crystal Seen Trading Co. Each unique piece has a hilt which has been hand-crafted in silver or gold wire art or has been cast using the lost wax method. Beautiful accent stones may also be found in some designs. Each of the blades is either a natural needle crystal or a hand-cut blade, polished with great love and care from a variety of gorgeous gemstones such as clear quartz, amethyst, aventurine and smokey quartz and more, adding their metaphysical gifts to the strength and intention of the sword itself.

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